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    A holistic approach
    by Fava, Colleen H.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002


    Marly Youmans discusses her novel, 'The Wolf Pit'
    by Jewett, Leah Wood
    ISSUE: Fall 2002


    All is Fair?
    Lonnie R. Speer shatters myths with tales of mistreated POWs

    by Jewett, Leah Wood
    ISSUE: Fall 2002


    A Southern Woman's Story: Phoebe Yates Pember
    With an Introduction by George C. Rable

    by Pember, Phoebe Yates and Rable, George C.
    Review: by Madden, David
    ISSUE: Fall 2002


    The Reconstruction of American Liberalism, 1865-1914
    by Cohen, Nancy
    Review: by Knull, Morgan N.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  6. Walk Through Darkness
    by Durham, David Anthony
    Review: by Pulliam, June
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  7. Cubans in the Confederacy:
    Jos? Agust?n Quintero, Ambrosio Jos? Gonzales, and Loreta Janeta Velazquez

    by Phillip, Thomas Tucker
    Review: by Simmons Jr., Donald C.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  8. A Kingdom Not of This World:
    Stuart Robinson's Struggle to Distinguish the Sacred from the Secular during the Civil War

    by Graham, Preston D.
    Review: by Crowe, Ian
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  9. Defend This Old Town:
    Williamsburg During the Civil War

    by Dubbs, Carol Kettenburg
    Review: by Deppen, John
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  10. Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America: A Biography
    by Gienapp, William E.
    Review: by Prokopowicz, Gerald J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  11. Black Identity and Black Protest in the Antebellum North
    by Rael, Patrick
    Review: by Rhodes, Jane
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  12. Honor's Kingdom:
    A Novel of Historical Suspense

    by Parry, Owen
    Review: by Hill, Thomas
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  13. A Single Grand Victory:
    The First Campaign and Battle of Manassas

    by Rafuse, Ethan S.
    Review: by Allen, Stacy D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  14. War of the Aeronauts: A History of Ballooning in the Civil War
    by Evans, Charles M.
    Review: by Gross, William S.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  15. The Sands of Pride: A Novel of the Civil War
    by Trotter, William R.
    Review: by Olpin, Larry
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  16. The American Civil War: An English View
    The Writings of Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley

    by Rawley, James A.
    Review: by Brazier, Julian
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  17. Slaves, Sailors, Citizens: African Americans in the Union Navy
    by Ramold, Steven J.
    Review: by Bogle, Lori Lyn
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  18. The Black Hearts of Men:
    Radical Abolitionists and the Transformation of Race

    by Stauffer, John
    Review: by Russo, Peggy A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  19. Lee's Tar Heels:
    The Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade

    by Hess, Earl J.
    Review: by Bushnell, William D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  20. Still Fighting the Civil War:
    The American South and Southern History

    by Goldfield, David
    Review: by Foote, Kenneth E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  21. Winchester Divided:
    The Civil War Diaries of Julia Chase & Laura Lee

    by Mahon, Michael G.
    Review: by Sheehan-Dean, Aaron
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  22. Death on the Nueces: German Texans Treue der Union
    by Underwood, Rodman L.
    Review: by Kamphoefner, Walter D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  23. The Battered Stars:
    One State's Civil War Ordeal During Grant's Overland Campaign

    by Coffin, Howard
    Review: by Herberger, Charles F.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  24. Richmond Burning: The Last Days of the Confederate Capital
    by Lankford, Nelson
    Review: by Harter, Dale F.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  25. Working Cures: Healing, Health, and Power on Southern Slave Plantations
    by Fett, Sharla M.
    Review: by Singleton, Theresa A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  26. In Tender Consideration:
    Women, Families, and the Law in Abraham Lincoln's Illinois

    by Stowell, Daniel W.
    Review: by Hardy Jr., James D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  27. The Language of War:
    Literature and Culture in the U.S. from the Civil War through World War II

    by Dawes, James
    Review: by Clark, Margaret L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  28. The Badax Tigers:
    From Shiloh to the Surrender with the 18th Wisconsin Volunteers

    by Nanzig, Thomas P.
    Review: by Reedy, Jory V.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  29. An Unerring Fire:
    The Massacre at Fort Pillow

    by Fuchs, Richard L.
    Review: by Wood, Robert
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  30. Getting Used to Being Shot At:
    The Spence Family Civil War Letters

    by Christ, Mark K.
    Review: by Bergeron Jr., Arthur W.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  31. A Soldier's General:
    The Civil War Letters of Major General Lafayette McLaws

    by Oeffinger, John C.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  32. American Manufacturers of Combustible Ammunition: James H. Merrill, E.R. Sturtevant, H.W. Mason
    by White, Terry A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  33. Battles & Leaders of the Civil War
    by Cozzens, Peter
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  34. Black Judas:
    William Hannibal Thomas and The American Negro

    by Smith, John David
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  35. Creating an Old South:
    Middle Florida's Plantation Frontier Before the Civil War

    by Baptist, Edward E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  36. Democracy Heading South:
    National Politics in the Shadow of Dixie

    by Cochran III, Augustus B.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  37. Discovering the Civil War in Florida: A Reader and Guide
    by Taylor, Paul
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  38. Douglas Southall Freeman
    by Johnson, David E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  39. Farragut: America's First Admiral
    by Schneller, Jr., Robert J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  40. From Pastime to Passion: Baseball and the Civil War
    by Millen, Patricia
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  41. Galloping Thunder: The Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion
    by Trout, Robert J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  42. Give My Kind Regards to the Ladies: The Life of Littleton Quinton Washington
    by Turk, David Sott
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  43. Gunsmoke Over the Atlantic: First Naval Actions of the Civil War
    by Coombe, Jack D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  44. In the Image of God: Religion, Moral Values, and Our Heritage of Slavery
    by Davis, David Brion
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  45. Jefferson Davis in Blue: The Life of Sherman's Relentless Warrior
    by Hughes, Jr., Nathaniel Cheairs and Whitney, Gordon D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  46. Jesse James and the First Missouri Train Robbery
    by Beights, Ronald
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  47. Letters From a Civil War Surgeon
    by Child Dr., William
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  48. No Disgrace to my Country: The Life and Times of John C. Tidball
    by Tidball, Eugene
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  49. Raising the Hunley: The Remarkable History and Recovery of the Lost Confederate Submarine
    by Hicks, Brian and Kropf, Schuyler
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  50. River to Victory: The Civil War in the West, 1861-1863
    by Arnold, James R. and Weiner, Roberta
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  51. Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market
    by Johnson, Walter
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  52. Southern History Across the Color Line
    by Painter, Nell Ervin
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  53. The 1865 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army:
    A Handbook of the Duties of Each Grade, Lt. To Lt. General

    by Kautz, August V.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  54. The Civil War Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant
    by Thomsen, Brian
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  55. The Historic Henry Rifle: Oliver Winchester's Famous Civil War Repeater
    by Sword, Wiley
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  56. The Political Language of Emancipation in the British Caribbean and the US South
    by Eudell, Demetrius
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  57. The Rebel Raiders: The Astonishing History of the Confederacy's Secret Navy
    by deKay, James Tertius
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  58. The Showman and the Slave: Race, Death, and Memory in Barnum's America
    by Reiss, Benjamin
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  59. The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861
    by May, Robert E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  60. The Cavalry Battle That Saved the Union: Custer vs. Stuart at Gettysburg
    by Walker, Paul D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  61. "Lincoln's Humor" and Other Essays
    by Thomas, Benjamin P. and Burlingame, Michael, ed.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  62. The Hospital on Seminary Ridge at the Battle of Gettysburg
    by Dreese, Michael A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  63. The Bombardment of Charleston 1863-1865
    by Phelps, W. Chris
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  64. With Sheridan in the Final Campaign Against Lee by Lt. Col. Frederick C. Newhall, Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry
    by Wittenberg, Eric J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  65. Lee's Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia
    by Jones, Terry L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  66. Soldier Princess: The Life and Legend of Agnes Salm-Salm in North America, 1861-1867
    by Coffey, David
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  67. Tempest at Ox Hill: The Battle of Chantilly
    by Welker, David
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  68. The Cavalry Battle That Saved the Union: Custer vs. Stuart at Gettysburg
    by Walker, Paul D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  69. The Wedding Dress
    by Ellis, Virginia
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  70. Oh, What A Loansome Time I Had: The Civil War Letters of Major William Morel Moxley, Eighteenth Alabama Infantry, and Emily Beck Moxley
    by Cutrer, Thomas W.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  71. When a Rose Is Not a Rose
    by Larson, Rebecca D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  72. My Brother's Keeper: Virginia's Diary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863
    by Osborne, Mary Pope
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  73. Chickamauga: A Novel
    by Reasoner, James
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  74. The Dark Sun Rises
    by Williamson, Denise
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  75. When Stars Begin to Fall
    by Williamson, Denise
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

  76. To Live and Die:
    Collected Stories of the Civil War, 1861-1876

    by Diffley, Kathleen
    Review: by Bennett, James Gordon
    ISSUE: Fall 2002

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