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  1. German-Speaking Officers in the U.S. Colored Troops, 1863-1867
    by Ofele, Martin W.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  2. My Odyssey through History: Memoirs of War and Academe
    by Roland, Charles P.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  3. My Reminiscences
    of the G.A.R.

    by Partington, Richard O.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  4. New York's Fighting Sixty-Ninth: A Regimental History of Service in the Civil War's Irish Brigade and the Great War's Rainbow Division
    by Mahon, John
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  5. Personal Reminiscences of General Robert E. Lee
    by Jones, D.D., Rev. J. William
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  6. Reflections of a Civil War Historian: Essays on
    Leadership, Society,
    and the Art of War

    by Hattaway, Herman
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  7. Slavery in the South: A State-by-State History
    by Jewett, Clayton E. and Allen, John O.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  8. Spies and Spymasters of the Civil War: Revised and Expanded Edition
    by Markle, Donald E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  9. Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics
    of the Civil War

    by Thornton, Mark and Ekelund Jr., Robert B.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  10. The 2nd North
    Carolina Cavalry

    by Harrell, Roger H.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  11. The 4th Michigan Infantry
    at the Battle of New Bridge, Virginia, May 24, 1862

    by Bertera, Martin Nino
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  12. The Battle of Carthage:
    Border War in Southwest
    Missouri, July 5, 1861

    by Hinze, David C. and Farnham, Karen
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  13. The Black Hearts of Men:
    Radical Abolitionists and the Transformation of Race

    by Stauffer, John
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  14. The Death of Reconstruction: Race, Labor, and Politics in the Post-Civil War North, 1865-1901
    by Richardson, Heather Cox
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  15. The Great Southern Babylon: Sex, Race, and Respectability in New Orleans, 1865-1920
    by Long, Alecia P.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  16. The Randolph Hornets in the Civil War: A History and Roster of Company M, 22nd North Carolina Regiment
    by Jarrell, Wallace E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  17. The Secessionist
    Impulse: Alabama and
    Mississippi in 1860

    by Barney, William L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  18. Two Germans in the Civil War: The Diary of John Daeuble and the letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
    by Reinhart, Joseph R.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  19. West Wind, Flood Tide: The Battle of Mobile Bay
    by Friend, Jack
    ISSUE: Fall 2004


    Facing America: Iconography and the Civil War
    by Samuels, Shirley
    Review: by Freeman, Christopher S.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004


    Party Games: Getting, Keeping, and Using Power in Gilded Age Politics
    by Summers, Mark Wahlgren
    Review: by Crowe, Ian
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  22. African American Lives
    by Gates, Henry Louis Jr., Editor and Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks, Editor
    Review: by Ball, Erica L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  23. The Rise of Aggressive Abolitionism: Addresses to the Slaves
    by Harrold , Stanley
    Review: by Sears, Richard
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  24. Cherokee Women in Crisis: Trail of Tears, Civil War, and Allotment, 1838-1907
    by Johnston, Carolyn Ross
    Review: by Harper, Judith E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  25. Children for the Union: The War Spirit on the Northern Home Front
    by Marten, James
    Review: by Fleche, Andre M.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  26. Cuban Confederate General: The Life of Ambrosio Jos? Gonzales
    by de la Cova, Antonio Rafael
    Review: by Bonner, Robert
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  27. Diary of a Christian Soldier: Rufus Kinsley and the Civil War
    by Rankin, David C.
    Review: by Manning, Chandra Miller
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  28. For Free Press and Equal Rights: Republican Newspapers in the Reconstruction South
    by Abbott, Richard H. and Quist, John W., Editor
    Review: by Tripp, Steve
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  29. Freedom, Union, and Power: Lincoln and His Party During the Civil War
    by Green, Michael S.
    Review: by Hardy, James D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  30. Front Line of Freedom: African-Americans and the Forging of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley
    by Griffler, Keith P.
    Review: by Larson, Kate Clifford
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  31. The Glory Cloak: A Novel of Louisa May Alcott and Clara Barton
    by O'Brien, Patricia
    Review: by Coryell, Janet L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  32. Grant and Twain: The Story of a Friendship that Changed America
    by Perry, Mark
    Review: by Simpson, Brooks D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  33. Kate Chase and William Sprague: Politics and Gender in a Civil War Marriage
    by Lamphier, Peg A.
    Review: by Block, Mary
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  34. Loyalty and Loss: Alabama's Unionists in the Civil War and Reconstruction
    by Storey, Margaret M.
    Review: by Rable, George C.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  35. The Shattering of the Union: America in the 1850s
    by Walther, Eric H.
    Review: by Jewett, Clayton E.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  36. The Fate of Their Country: Politicians, Slavery Extension, and the Coming of the Civil War
    by Holt, Michael F.
    Review: by Benson, John
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  37. The Most Fearful Ordeal: Original Coverage of the Civil War
    by Writers and Reporters of the New York Times and McPherson, James M.
    Review: by Bushnell, William D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  38. The Price of Liberty: African Americans and the Making of Liberia
    by Clegg III, Claude A.
    Review: by Bates, Christopher
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  39. The Slave Power: Its Character, Career, and Probable Designs: Being an Attempt to Explain the Real Issues Involved in the American Contest
    by Cairnes, John Elliot and Smith, Mark M.
    Review: by Huston, James L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  40. The South, the Nation, and the World: Perspectives on Southern Economic Development
    by Carlton, David L. Carlton and Coclanis, Peter A.
    Review: by Dal Lago, Enrico
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  41. The Telegraph Goes to War: The Personal Diary of David Homer Bates, Lincoln's Telegraph Operator
    by Bates, David Homer and Markle, Donald E., Editor
    Review: by Beeler, John
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  42. The Woman in Battle: The Civil War Narrative of Loreta Velazquez, Cuban Woman & Confederate Soldier
    by Velasquez, Loreta Janeta and Aleman, Jesse
    Review: by Berkowitz, L.M.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  43. Union Jacks: Yankee Sailors in the Civil War
    by Bennett, Michael J.
    Review: by Roberts, William H.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  44. A Legacy of Valor: The Memoirs and Letters of Captain Henry Newton Comey, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry
    by Comey, Lyman Richard, Editor
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  45. A One Mule Plantation
    by Knight, Wilda Hurst
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  46. An American Iliad: The Story of the Civil War, Second Edition
    by Roland, Charles P.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  47. Audacity Personified: The Generalship of Robert E. Lee
    by Carmichael, Peter S., Editor
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  48. Battlefield and Classroom: Four Decades with the American Indian, 1867-1904
    by Pratt, Richard Henry and Utley, Robert M. , Editor
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  49. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 6
    by Cozzens, Peter, Editor
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  50. Brackett's Battalion: Minnesota Cavalry in the Civil War and Dakota War
    by Bergemann, Kurt D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  51. Civil War and Living History Reenacting: About "People of Color", How to Begin What to Wear Why Reenact
    by Fears, Mary L. Jackson
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  52. Colonels in Blue: Union Army Colonels of the Civil War, New York
    by Hunt, Roger D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  53. Crossing the Deadly Ground: United States Army Tactics, 1865-1899
    by Jamieson, Perry D.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  54. Demanding Justice: A Story about Mary Ann Shadd Cary
    by Ferris, Jeri Chase and Smith, Kimanne , Illustrator
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  55. Dorothea Dix: Advocate for Mental Health Care
    by Muckenhoupt, Margaret
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  56. First and Second Maryland Infantry, C.S.A.
    by Driver, Jr. Robert J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  57. Forrest: The Confederacy's Relentless Warrior
    by Browning, Robert M.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  58. Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the Stolen Election of 1876
    by Morris, Roy
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  59. Frederick Douglass on Slavery and the Civil War: Selections from His Writings
    by Foner, Philip S., Editor
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  60. Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War
    by Gingrich, Newt and Forstchen, William R.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  61. Grant's Secret Service: The Intelligence War from Belmont to Appomattox
    by Feis, William B.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  62. Guerrilla Warfare in Civil War Missouri, 1862
    by Nichols, Bruce
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  63. Honor & Glory: A Civil War Novel
    by Murphy, Kim
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  64. In the Face of Death
    by Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  65. James B. Eads: The Civil War Ironclads and His Mississippi
    by Jackson, Rex T.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  66. John Basil Turchin and the Fight to Free the Slaves
    by Chicoine, Stephen
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  67. Kentucky's Last Cavalier: General William Preston, 1816-1887
    by Sehlinger, Peter J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  68. Lost Victories: The Military Genius of Stonewall Jackson
    by Alexander, Bevin
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  69. Meade: Victor of Gettysburg
    by Saurs, Richard A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  70. Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly: The Remarkable Story of the Friendship between a First Lady and a Former Slave
    by Fleischner, Jennifer
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  71. Muletrain Maggody: An Arly Hanks Mystery
    by Hess, Joan
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  72. My Dearest Cecelia: A Novel of the Southern Belle Who Stole General Sherman's Heart
    by Haeger, Diana
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  73. Lines in the Sand: Race and Class in Lowcountry Georgia, 1750-1860
    by Lockley, Timothy James
    ISSUE: Fall 2004


    Out of Ashes
    by Freeman, Christopher S.
    ISSUE: Fall 2004


    General Grant
    by Arnold, Matthew and Twain, Mark and Simon, John Y., Editor

    Review: by Madden, David
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  76. Conjectures of Order: Intellectual Life and the American South, 1810-1860
    by O'Brien, Michael
    Review: by Nelson, Paul David
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  77. Second Founding: New York City, Reconstruction, and the Making of American Democracy
    by Quigley, David
    Review: by Olson, Joel
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  78. Testament: A Soldier's Story of the Civil War
    by Bobrick, Benson
    Review: by Rubin, Anne Sarah
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

  79. 20 Good Reasons to Study the Civil War
    by Waugh, John C. and Lehrer, Jim
    ISSUE: Fall 2004

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