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  1. Editorial:
    Wider Worlds and Historical Legacies

    by Barber, Tom
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  2. CWBR Author Interview:
    Aiming for Pensacola: Fugitive Slaves on the Atlantic and Southern Frontiers

    by Clavin, Matthew J.
    Review: by Barber, Tom
    ISSUE: Fall 2016


    by Sheila Sundar
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

    Original Intent: A Candid Look at the Other Thirteenth Amendment

    by Williams, Frank J.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  5. Civil War Treasures:
    The Efficacy of Confederate Relics in the Poetry and Short Fiction of One Southern Family

    by Rasmussen, Hans C.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  6. Africans in the Old South: Mapping Exceptional Lives across the Atlantic World
    by Sparks, Randy J.
    Review: by Clegg, Claude
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  7. The Banjo: America's African Instrument
    by Dubois, Laurent
    Review: by Gac, Scott
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  8. Ku-Klux: The Birth of the Klan during Reconstruction
    by Parsons, Elaine Frantz
    Review: by Hodge, Joshua
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  9. Between Fetters and Freedom: African American Baptists since Emancipation
    by Crowther, Edward and Harper, Keith
    Review: by Byrd, James P.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  10. Abolitionizing Missouri: German Immigrants and Racial Ideology in Nineteenth-Century America
    by Anderson, Kristen Layne
    Review: by Hernando, Matthew
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  11. Fort Bascom: Soldiers, Comancheros, and Indians in the Canadian River Valley
    by Blackshear, James Bailey
    Review: by Stith, Matthew
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  12. Confederate Political Economy: Creating and Managing a Southern Corporatist Nation
    by Bonner, Michael
    Review: by Frawley, Michael
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  13. Citizen of a Wider Commonwealth: Ulysses S. Grant's Postpresidential Diplomacy
    by Campbell, Edwina S.
    Review: by Nester, William
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  14. Bonds of Union: Religion, Race, and Politics in a Civil War Borderland
    by Ford, Bridget
    Review: by Pearson, Joseph W.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  15. Slave Against Slave: Plantation Violence in the Old South
    by Forret, Jeff
    Review: by Gilpin, R. Blakeslee
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  16. Women, Work, and Worship in Lincoln's Country: The Dumville Family Letters
    by Heinz, Anne M. and Heinz, John P.
    Review: by Bui, Bao
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  17. Free Labor: The Civil War and the Making of an American Working Class
    by Lause, Mark A.
    Review: by Rosenow, Michael
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  18. The Lives of Frederick Douglass
    by Levine, Robert S.
    Review: by Lande, Jonathan
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  19. Rethinking American Emancipation: Legacies of Slavery and the Quest for Black Freedom
    by Link, William A. and Broomall, James J.
    Review: by Jack, Bryan M.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  20. The Civil War Years in Utah: The Kingdom of God and the Territory That Did Not Fight
    by Maxwell, John Gary
    Review: by McBride, Spencer
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  21. The Second Coming of the Invisible Empire: The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s
    by Rawlings, William
    Review: by Brooks, Michael
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  22. Marital Cruelty in Antebellum America
    by Sager, Robin C.
    Review: by Silver, Lindsay A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  23. Seizing Destiny: The Army of the Potomac’s “Valley Forge” and the Civil War Winter that Saved the Union
    by Conner, Albert Z. and Mackowski, Christopher
    Review: by Grant, Larry
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  24. The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry
    by Sublette, Ned and Sublette, Constance
    Review: by Trammell, Jack
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  25. Lone Star Unionism, Dissent, and Resistance: Other Sides of Civil War Texas
    by De La Teja, Jesus F.
    Review: by Howell, Ken
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  26. Another Year Finds Me in Texas: The Civil War Diary of Lucy Pier Stevens
    by Stevens, Lucy Pier and Tongate, Vicki Adams
    Review: by Marshall, Jeffrey
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  27. Picturing Frederick Douglass:An Illustrated Biography of the Nineteenth Century's Most Photographed American
    by Stauffer, John; Trodd, Zoe and Bernier, Celeste-Marie
    Review: by Fought, Leigh
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  28. Clean and White: A History of Environmental Racism in the United States
    by Zimring, Carl A.
    Review: by Kahrl, Andrew
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  29. Two Civil Wars: The Curious Shared Journal of a Baton Rouge Schoolgirl and a Union Sailor on the USS Essex
    by Jeffery, Katherine Bentley
    Review: by Taylor, Robert A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  30. The Confederacy at Flood Tide: The Political and Military Ascension, June to December 1862
    by Leigh, Philip
    Review: by Owens, James L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  31. Aiming for Pensacola: Fugitive Slaves on the Atlantic and Southern Frontiers
    by Clavin, Matthew J.
    Review: by Polhemus, Neal
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  32. In His Own Words: Houston Hartsfield Holloway's Slavery, Emancipation, and Ministry in Georgia
    by Holloway, Houston H. and Paterson, David E.
    Review: by Dennard, David
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  33. Summon Only the Brave!: Commanders, Soldiers, and Chaplains at Gettysburg
    by Brinsfield, John W. Jr.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  34. Paducah and the Civil War
    by Cashon, John Philip
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  35. “Hang Them All”: George Wright and the Plateau Indian War
    by Cutler, Donald L.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  36. The Presidents and the Constitution: A Living History
    by Gromley, Ken
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  37. Lenawee County and the Civil War
    by Lennard, Ray
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  38. Hell Itself: The Battle of the Wilderness, May 5-7, 1864
    by Mackowski, Chris
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  39. The Rest I Will Kill: William Tillman and the Unforgettable Story of How a Free Black Man Refused to Become a Slave
    by McGinty, Brian
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  40. Kentucky Rebel Town: The Civil War Battles of Cynthiana and Harrison County
    by Penn, William A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  41. The Chickamauga Campaign - Barren Victory: The Retreat into Chattanooga, the Confederate Pursuit, and the Aftermath of the Battle, September 21 to October 20, 1863
    by Powell, David A
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  42. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the Petersburg Campaign: His Supposed Charge from Fort Hell, his Near-Mortal Wounding, and a Civil War Myth Reconsidered
    by Rasbach, Dennis A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  43. A Field Guide to Antietam: Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People
    by Reardon, Carol and Vossler, Tom
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  44. Lincoln's Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24 - April 8, 1865
    by Trudeau, Noah Andre
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  45. Prince of Darkness: The Untold Story of Jeremiah G. Hamilton, Wall Street's First Black Millionaire
    by White, Shane
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  46. The Civil War Letters of Alexander McNeill, 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment
    by Wyckoff, Mac and Starling, Cora Lee Godsey
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  47. Blood on the Marias: The Baker Massacre
    by Wylie, Paul
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  48. The 18th New York Infantry in the Civil War: A History and Roster
    by Conklin, Ryan A.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  49. Unconditional Unionist: The Hazardous Life of Lucian Anderson, Kentucky Congressman
    by Ullrich, Berry C. and Ullrich, Dieter C.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  50. Slaughter at the Chapel: The Battle of Ezra Church, 1864
    by Ecelbarger, Garry
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  51. The Confederate Soldiers of Rockbridge County, Virginia: A Roster
    by Driver, Robert Jr.
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  52. Battle of Wills: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and the Last Year of the Civil War
    by Johnson, David Alan
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

  53. No Hope for Heaven, No Fear of Hell: The Stafford-Townsend Feud of Colorado County, Texas, 1871-1911
    by Kearney, James C.; Stein, Bill and Smallwood, James
    ISSUE: Fall 2016

Showing results 1 to 53 of 53