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John Burns: The Hero of Gettysburg

by Smith,Timothy H.
Publisher: Thomas Publications
Retail Price: $14.95
Issue: Summer 2001
ISBN: 1577470605

"Following his death there were two very different groups of people who kept the memory of John Burns alive," Timothy H. Smith notes. "The first consisted of veterans and visitors who continued to overemphasize and exaggerate the old hero's role in the battle. The second group was made up of locals who were tired of playing second fiddle to Burns' accomplishments, and spoke out against him." In death, as in life, John Burns's role as the oldest combatant at Gettysburg has been a site of contention. This book attempts to separate the facts from the legend.

review of John Burns: The Hero of Gettysburg, by Smith,Timothy H., Civil War Book Review, (Summer 2001).