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Slavery in America: From Colonial Times to the Civil War

by Schneider, Dorothy and Schneider, Carl J.
Publisher: Facts on File, Inc.
Issue: Winter 2001
ISBN: 0816038635

Slavery in America provides a sweeping history of the estimated 12 million Africans shipped to the New World in bondage. Seven percent of them were brought to the U.S., and their fates are examined in chapters on the slave trade, plantation life, resistance, abolitionism, and emancipation. Each chapter includes a chronology of events and "eyewitness testimony" that consists of primary source excerpts. One section discusses slavery among American Indians and the Indians' subsequent enslavement by whites. This reference work, written for young adults, concludes with appendices that offer further excerpts, short biographies of figures cited in the text, and a glossary.

review of Slavery in America: From Colonial Times to the Civil War, by Schneider, Dorothy, Civil War Book Review, (Winter 2001).