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Representative Americans: The Civil War Generation

by Risjord, Norman K.
Publisher: Roman & Littlefield Publishers
Retail Price: $22.95
Issue: Winter 2004
ISBN: 0742521699

This book is a new volume covering the era of the Civil War in Norman K. Risjord's series, Representative Americans. The books provide an introduction to a time period in American history through the use of a series of biographies of important and representative individuals. The biographies in this volume range from Stephen Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Stonewall Jackson, Thaddeus Stevens, to Crazy Horse. Other volumes in the Representative Americans series are: The Colonist, The Revolutionary Generation, The Romantics, Populists and Progressives, and Generation of Destiny.

review of Representative Americans: The Civil War Generation, by Risjord, Norman K., Civil War Book Review, (Winter 2004).