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Banners South: A Northern Community War

by Raus, Edmund J., Jr.
Publisher: Kent State University Press
Retail Price: $39.00
Issue: Fall 2006
ISBN: 0873388429

Little more than a remote outpost in central New York, the rural town of Courtland was home to dozens of men who fought for the 23rd New York Volunteers during the Civil War. Their story, however, goes beyond their battlefield exploits at Antietam and Fredericksburg; the experiences of the 23rd can only be understood fully, suggests author Edmund J. Raus, Jr., when placed in a broader historical context that includes topics such as civilians' attitudes about race and the difficulties that faced soldiers returning home.

review of Banners South: A Northern Community War, by Raus, Edmund J., Jr., Civil War Book Review, (Fall 2006).